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A small guide to success

I'm finally reading The kite runnerby Khaled Hosseini! After many months of having the book and not reading it, I'm slowly accomplishing my goal in reading the book and returning it. Another goal that I was hoping to acomplish is to finish a book that is over 400 pages. I'm halfway through the book and really hooked because of the middle eastern culture being really interesting.

The kite runner is about Amir a man who currently lives in San Francisco remembering his life back in Afghanistan, and the book is similar to To to kill a mockingbird by Harper lee, in how it also revolves around a character growing up and key moments in their life is shown.

As the story continues, there is a war between the soviets and the people of Afghanistan and the environment is really heavily destroyed. Before Amir heads down to an ofphanage he returns to Kabul and he doesn't recognize it at all. As he's walking through all the rubble he thinks that, "Returning to Kabul was like…

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